Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm inspired by...

Bags. Lots of them. My most prized bags consist of everything --from my tutti-edition tokidoki, to my harajuku girls satchel, an embroidered dior saddlebag to a murakami lv, a craig morrison spiked messenger to a buttery soft balenciaga le dix...

indulgent? absolutely...but it's those rare moments in time that every now and then I reward myself with something that speaks of total indulgence and unbridaled flare. It's no wonder that cute purses have always inspired me and have contributed greatly to my creative palette.

take this bag for instance from asia jam:

something went all goofy inside when I saw it, and a million visions of purse-charm possibilities came roaring into my brain. At $22.00, I think it's a steal. Kelly wants some shoes? fine. Just gimme some more bags, betch!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice ! Im such a huge fan of Harajuku Lovers
and TokiDoki!