Monday, April 21, 2008

I DO I DO I DO....

Tis' the wedding season and from where I'm standing, it seems as if everyone and their mom is getting married. Tying the knot has never been so popular and after 5 weddings going on 3 more to follow, the 'great rite of eternal commitment' has managed to invade my quiet living space like a pie in the face. So here's what I came up with in preparation for my lovely friend's special day --a series of cute bag candy for her blushing bridesmaids:

5 bags courtesy of the fabulous designer Betsey Johnson are outfitted with only the best in girly polka-dot initials (one for each girl), fleur-de lis charms, polka-dot heart charms and feminine ribbons. Somehow, the mix makes me think of strawberries, cream, vanilla scented perfumes, pink poodles and lacey lingerie. Now, we just need that trip to Paris, and the cycle will be complete...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dead Tinkerbell

My recent discovery on the information highway led me to the website of artist:

His work is unbelievable...patent bags with knuckle handles, purses shaped like guns and dead chiuahuahs (yes, poop on you paris hilton!) me twisted for my never-ending love and fascination with the darkside, but these purses had me literally foaming at the mouth and overflowing with admiration for such clever, somber, satirical and not for the faint at heart...these definitely suit the ill-mannered woman and I would pride myself, as no exception to the mold.

Knuckle Purse

Silver Persuader Bag

Dead Tinkerbell Purse

All designs and images copyright 2005 James Piatt

Friday, April 18, 2008

Super Mario Theme Jewelry


Here are 2 sets of Mario themed jewelry, --a custom order. Did I mention I love custom requests? These sets were made in preparation for an upcoming convention. I'm very pleased with the way they turned out --I'm amazed at the influx of geek-chic in this modern age. The retro 80's revival has also wormed its way into the hearts of younglings everywhere...American Apparel's revival of silver and gold lame stirrup-pants sends me into fits of nostalgia, thinking about my beat-up Trapper Keeper and flashdance legwarmers...back in the day...'a kid in america'.

We live in a new age, undoubtedly...and its no surprise that everything from coasters, jewelry, pillows, plushies to wearables has now flooded the market of the handmade universe. We live in a society that now revels in embracing geekdom and puts a smile on my face. Emerging from Generation X/Hex myself, I'd personally take midi-cuffs and brainage games over bart-simpson-underachievers any day..."Read a book!"