Sunday, November 18, 2007


A pink uterus charm. Kinda creepy, kinda sweet? I can't decide just yet...all I know is that it keeps looking at me --make it stop!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Pretty in Purple

I've always been inspired by the creative fashion trends of Japan and the Elegant Gothic Lolita phenomenon has been no exception. The frilly dresses coupled with sweetly innocent youth, mixed with a dark twist --it's all endlessly fascinating to me. Someday I hope to travel to Japan to fully experience the atmosphere and culture in all its varied facets...Pondering this wish inspired me to create this bracelet:
I love purple, although I have a very small amount of it in my wardrobe and wares....The tiny roses, black bow, bat and miniature hearts makes me think of teenage girls dressed to the nines in black velvet and white lace, clutching their Vivienne Westwood satchels and smiling, bow-legged for the camera...a look so difficult to pull-off, but at the same time delightful to look upon. Gimme black bows and hearts over jelly shoes any day.