Tuesday, January 15, 2008


A new section is in the works at Komodokat. 'KomodoKouture' will be featuring all my one-off, super unique and super rare items. There will be a variety of designs from higher-end jewelry, mixed media works, and more complex art pieces and projects that will house my *deeper* creative side, like this customized necklace which has been loaded with over 30 charms (all handmade and painstakingly handpainted --I literally spent hours attaching each charm to a delicate chain and customizing certain ones to suit my weird personality --ha!); some of which are unavailable in my shop and *only* available in what you see here.

Different packaging and labeling will compliment these items and each piece will stand as an individualistic work of art --not available for wholesale, and totally one of a kind. Get ready for some darker items as well, including Elegant Gothic Lolita styled designs, shadowbox art and jewelry which will be incorporating drawings and paintings I have created from the past to the present...

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