Thursday, July 24, 2008

Etsy Finds

These just recently caught my eye from Etsy seller ElJan

Beaded Dunny

(Hey KidRobot --why aren't you offering *this* as a limited and rare piece in your shop?!)

Beaded Blythe

The amount of intricate detail and work is astounding....ElJan offers "one of a kind micro-mosaics" and her shop is packed full with sweet urban vinyl characters revamped with her amazing style...Take for instance Blythe (above), who looks like she's crawled out from under the bowels of the undead, with her bluish skin, dark hair and sunken zombie eyes (cute and winky? more like creepy and weird)... she almost reminds me of a demented voodoo doll, just waiting for the perfect victim...This is sure to give you sweet (and sour) dreams at night...what's even better? For only $3,500.00, she can be yours.

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