Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tetris Alley

Recently I've been a little tetris-obsessed, acquiring versions of the classic game for both xbox 360 and nintendo ds. Friends have been bugging me about making little tetrimino charms out of clay for awhile now, and when I stumbled across this article on the blog, even more inspiration was to be had. Video-games have actually been great for inspiration to me --the design and thought that goes into characters for games such as Katamari, Mario and more has allowed me to brainstorm with my own creative juices, in an effort to create designs that are simplistic yet streamlined --reconfigured into a 'cute-format' that perhaps would be a condensed version of something in real life.

Below is a picture of an alley way created by an artist with giant tetris blocks that appear to be falling. If we could live in a real world of surrealistic wonder such as this depiction, or something whimsical that almost smacked of a cartoon universe, I'm not sure how that would be, --but I think I would personally appreciate it...

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