Friday, April 18, 2008

Super Mario Theme Jewelry


Here are 2 sets of Mario themed jewelry, --a custom order. Did I mention I love custom requests? These sets were made in preparation for an upcoming convention. I'm very pleased with the way they turned out --I'm amazed at the influx of geek-chic in this modern age. The retro 80's revival has also wormed its way into the hearts of younglings everywhere...American Apparel's revival of silver and gold lame stirrup-pants sends me into fits of nostalgia, thinking about my beat-up Trapper Keeper and flashdance legwarmers...back in the day...'a kid in america'.

We live in a new age, undoubtedly...and its no surprise that everything from coasters, jewelry, pillows, plushies to wearables has now flooded the market of the handmade universe. We live in a society that now revels in embracing geekdom and puts a smile on my face. Emerging from Generation X/Hex myself, I'd personally take midi-cuffs and brainage games over bart-simpson-underachievers any day..."Read a book!"

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Gissela said...

This is awesome! How much do you sell them for? I am having a Super Mario Bros birthday for my nephew and his mom (my sister) and I want jewerly to go with the theme, if you can let me know how much you sell custom made stuff? Thanks!