Thursday, February 12, 2009


In my opinion, Valentine's day is a severly overrated holiday conjured up by the media to guilt the majority of men and women around the world into showering their partners with a plethora of candy,flowers,dinners and whatever other material mumbo-jumbo, in order to validate their undying love for one another. (naked, pagan romans with whips are a good excuse, but I really fail to see this as a logical credential for history).

Recent statistics:

"An estimated 45.8 percent of U.S. consumers will exchange Valentine's
Day candy, according to the retail federation survey—adding up to a
sweet billion dollars in sales, the National Confectioners Association

About 75 percent of that billion is from sales of chocolate,
which has been associated with romance at least since Mexico's Aztec
Empire, according to Susan Fussell, a spokesperson with the

Aztec Empire? Maybe they are talking about the sacrificial heart rites to the gods...? (I saw apocalypto for example, --that poor mayan dude didn't look like he was feelin' the love when they ripped his heart out) At any rate, I'd have to say that I have a love hate relationship with Valentine's day, but one thing I can't deny is my undying love for my awesome Komodokat customers:


Now that IS love. :)


Anonymous said...

Susan Fussell, aforementioned spokesperson, here. Just wanted to provide some clarity for your readers. The Aztecs called the prized drink they made from cocoa beans "chocolatl." Like the earlier Mayans, the Aztecs drank the unsweetened beverage during special ceremonies including ceremonies of love and romance - like weddings. Montezuma II, a royal monarch of the Aztecs, maintained great storehouses filled with cocoa beans and reportedly consumed 50 or more portions of chocolatl daily from a golden goblet because he beleived it made him a more virile lover. There's no rule that Valentine's Day has to be shared with a romantic love. If you love chocolate treat yourself or your friends. If you don't love chocolate, a little handcrafted trinket to wear around the neck or on the ears is a great way to celebrate a day built around love.

Anonymous said...

Why are you selling this - and saying 'Have a Valentine's day in style' then?


Komodokat said...

I won't lie and say I'm trying to sell my wares in my shop, but in comparison to 75 billion consumers that exchange chocolate and valentines gifts made by companies that aggressively market towards people with guilt-laden psychology, my independent business doesn't even fall on the map.

I think saying something like "Have a Valentines day in style" is far different from "Limitless Love, Limited budget?". Just my opinion.